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Understanding the Cause of Your Cracks

There are many reasons for cracks to occur in your asphalt, however, the principle suspects are the sun and water. The sun's ultra violet beams are continually thrashing on your asphalt, drying it out, and weakening its structure. Water saturation in those recently formed cracks will begin the disintegration process that may develop into potholes later on if not maintained. Other sources for cracks include: earth development, overwhelming activity, or poor development plan and repairs.

Preventative Maintenance Saves You Money

      When cracks begin to show up in your asphalt they should be sealed. When you begin to get a little pit you will need to get it filled as quickly as time permits or you may be confronted by costly asphalt repairs.

       Allowing cracks to grow will introduce your asphalt to further damage that will be more costly to repair. Fortunately crack filling is a reasonable repair that can be performed at a much cheaper cost than asphalt replacement. It works by keeping water out of the zone between your asphalt and the base material it sits on.

       By repairing cracks at an early stage, you are viably expanding the life expectancy of the asphalt by keeping extra water from penetrating the asphalt. Crack maintenance can also reduce the possibility for tripping hazards and other mishaps occurring. Ultimately, crack filling allows property owners extend the life of the pavement greatly delaying the need for more expensive repairs that are required.

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