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      Catch basins, also known as storm drains are designed to help deplete water from liquefying snow and groundwater from impermeable surfaces like asphalt parking lots.  It is vital that your asphalt depletes water properly. Hidden potholes from standing water increases the probability that a passerby will twist an ankle or trip and fall. Standing water also has more opportunity to enter underneath the asphalt and dissolve the supporting base, an issue that is exacerbated by the freeze and thaw cycle. Having your catch basins professionally repaired can ensure that your parking area has satisfactory drainage.

What Are The Reasons That Prevent the Catch Basins from Performing?

    Improper install leads to improper drainage. In the event that the catch basin isn't installed properly it can allow water to remain on the asphalt surface.
       The stream of water begins to enter from either outside the concrete or asphalt and seeps between the steel casing of the catch basin. Further, when the temperature begins to fall, the water that invades solidifies in the blocks of the basin and can cause catastrophic failure to the catch basin, in turn leading to costly repairs.

      Once the water is solidified, it pushes out the mortar allowing the casing to sink under the overwhelming burden from activity. The pressure from the activity may cause the grate to shift. Catastrophic failure may occur where a sinkhole is made.


What Can Go Wrong with Catch Basins?

       Leaves and trash among many other things that enter through the catch basin grate can settle to the bottom. This can hinder proper water drainage, enabling water to flood onto your asphalt or enter underneath the edges of the asphalt encompassing the catch basin. Water infiltration can disintegrate the asphalt's structure, frequently prompting cracks that if still untreated can cause extreme potholes and exorbitant repairs.

       In the event that the caught water solidifies, the growing ice can harm the mortar around the catch basins edge. This can enable the grate and frame to move out of position or prompt the formation of a sinkhole

         Issues with catch basins are in some cases caused by improper installation. If by chance that there are insufficient catch basins or in the event that they are improperly installed, they can fail quickly, causing extended failure to the surrounding area. Another issue with catch basins can be caused by asphalt that has been introduced with improper grade to properly retrieve water runoff.


What Remedies Are Available?

The kind of repairs that are needed for your catch basin system will vary depending on the current issue the catch basin is having. Here are a few common problems and solutions:

  • In the event that the issue is moderate seepage, it might be that the channels are stopped up. A cleaning might be all that is required.

  • In the event that the catch basin has collapsed or crumbled, it might be in need of a total replacement.

  • Cracks can be repaired rapidly and effectively if caught in time before a complete replacement is necessary.

  • Serious harm to the encompassing asphalt may require the excavation of the influenced asphalt. Repaving of the area is the only choices if the damage is broad.

  • Milling might be the answer if the issue is identified with the grade of the asphalt being incorrect.


       In the event that repairs are required, it is critical to have them executed as quickly as time permits. The harm to your asphalt will keep on progressing, bringing about more costly repairs and more prominent disturbance to the catch basin and surrounding area. General assessments of your parking lot's catch basins can allow you to discover issues when they are created.

       Catch basins are important, and must be properly maintained for the best possible safety of your asphalt parking areas. Therefore, regular inspection of your catch basins can diminish your chances of some costly repair later on.


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